Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wonder Crew Dolls for Boys

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I went from being a mom to 1 girl and 1 boy to 3 boys and 1 girl, so now I consider myself mostly a boy mom.  My daughter is growing out of the doll stage, but she has had plenty of dolls in the past.  I love the creative play with doll playing.  Now I have lots of boys.  I have no issues with boys playing with baby dolls.  Actually, I love it.  I can get a glimpse of the daddy they may grow up to be.

I saw these awesome dolls which are great for boys.

Most little children (that I know at least) prefer dolls like themselves.  My daughter would always pick out a little girl doll.  My son would want a boy doll.  These are the cutest little boy dolls.   They even come with matching dress up clothes for the child to wear.  It has a superhero cape and and mask  There should be accessory packs (ie new outfits) coming soon.

My twins aren't quite big enough, but my son will love this.  I'm sure the twins will love matching dolls when they are bigger.  These are soft and perfect for snuggling with in bed too.  I know lots of twin moms with Boy/Girl twins and these would be perfect for the boys when the girls get dolls like most girls do.  Plus some girls actually want a boy doll in their collections!

Disclosure: I was not asked to blog about these.  I just thought they were awesome to share.  I will be reimbursed for my purchase.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chick -fil-A Upcycle

I'm on a Chick fil a moms panel and we received some coupons to try the chicken tortilla soup. I'm not a big soup eater, but it was delicious. 

We were challenged to upcycle the container it came in.  I'm not very crafty...well I don't think I am.  I tend (try) to be more practical. At work as an Elementary music teacher, I was looking for small bins or containers to organize my treasure box.  I remembered I had my little chicken soup container. Nothing fancy, but it works perfectly to hold my treasure box erasers.

I needed a bigger container for my stickers so I saved my salad container.

I was going to use it to store snacks for my twins.  I decided I wouldn't recommend it for storing food because the container has a hole in the lid to release steam.  It's perfect for bringing home our take out food (who wants soggy foos), but not so much for storing food.  It will either spill out or get stale. We live where it is very humid.

It's great to have a yummy dinner and more organization at work.

Monday, October 24, 2016

One2one Network

Do you like to do campaigns (ie reviews, product testing and influencing) on social media?  If so, check out One2one Network!  There are lots of different things for different types of bloggers.  Mommy bloggers, craft bloggers, food bloggers, etc. I know that I'm not on social media as much lately, but working with 4 kids and two of those being 9 month old twins it's been CRAZY.  I'm not sure how they are 9 months old!

I love that with One2one I can pick and choose campaigns that work for me with my time and that are most beneficial to our family.  

Check it out here!

Messaging Points about One2One Network
  • One2One Network has been connecting brands and influencers since 2008—or almost as long as social media networks have been “a thing.” Our vision from the beginning has always been to create genuine and measurable engagement.
  • Our influencer network is 20,000 social influencers strong. Our members are passionate about products, services, and causes and love to spread the word both online and off.
  • We’re all-inclusive! One2One Network was one of the first influencer agencies to bring non-bloggers into its network. And while we did start out as an influencer network for women, over the years our membership has expanded to include men.
  • One2One offers a variety of opportunities so there is something for everyone. For example, over the past year, we have had sponsored blog posts, blog ambassadorships, local event coverage, new music reviews, social sharing projects, e-commerce reviews, Twitter parties, surveys, and special events at social media conferences.
  • One2One Network campaigns specialize in food, parenting, beauty, lifestyle, health & fitness, social good and more!
  • One2One has paid bloggers and social media influencers well over $1 million in project payments and incentives to date.
  • One2One is not just a network but rather a community! O2O is committed to supporting our members by sharing and featuring their work, keeping them in the know about social influencer best practices, and encouraging online and offline conversations about topics that matter to our industry.

    If you are interested be sure to sign up! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monkey Mat Review - As seen on Shark Tank

Monkey Mat was provided for review. All opinions are my own. 

I recently received a Monkey Mat to try out. The first thing I noticed was how small it folded up. I like how it all zips into it's own pouch nice and small. No separate pouch to lose. It also has a carrying strap you can attach to any diaper bag, stroller, etc. 

It's moisture resistant,  but I don't think it would keep moisture out from really wet grounds.  It's a really thin nylon that's a little slick.  This is why it folds so well and small. You can buy stakes to keep it in place outdoors. 

I originally bought it to put on our living room carpet inside our twins' new playpen. They are still in the spit up stage, but like to roll all over to play.  I need something on the floor that's easy to wash when they spit up everywhere.  It opens up to 5' by 5' so it wasn't quite bug enough for what I wanted. It's really not big enough for our family of 6. I'd need at least 2 of them. The loops for the stakes do help secure it under our playpen (around the suction cups).  I may try it again with the playpen for when they can push it and see if the loops keep the playpen in one place. 

Overall it's nice. The compact fold is the best part.   It's lightweight and fits easily in a diaper bag, purse, pocket,  etc. It will always be easier than dragging a big oversized blanket.

Label Daddy Labels Review and 25% off

This is the 2nd time I've gotten Label Daddy labels. I love them.  It's so easy to stick a label on clothing items than to write on everything with sharpies.

I have twins that just started daycare and needed to label everything. For clothing labels with both their names on them which is awesome. Their names are pretty short though.

I've been selling all our baby stuff when done with them.  I can easily pull off the labels when passing the clothes along instead of needing to cut tags out our cross out names.

I've only had this set a couple weeks,  but my last set for my older kids lasted well. They aren't permanent stickers, but stayed on through at least 15-30 washes. 

Update: I found 3 of my labels stuck to the inside of my washing machine.  I'm not sure if this happened in a regular load or if my husband used the steam load.  Just an FYI if you have a steam option.  These may not be the best for that type of wash.

Save 25% on Label Daddy Labels with the code FUNFAM25.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Baby preferred drool pads and bib review.

I received this product for free and this is my honest review of the product. My opinions are unbiased and my own.

I received these drool pads and bib to try out. They are designed to fit the Ergo 360, but can work with other carriers.  I have a Twingo and an Infantimo Mei Tei. Neither of them are forward facing carriers, so the bib isn't quite as needed. These do the drool pads do fit the Twingo when using it as a single carrier.  I can't use it as a double yet because my guys are too small. They fit even better on the Mei Tai.  I put the bib on where the hood snaps on it and worked fine. They don't fit quite well on the Twingo when it's used as a double because there are snaps for the 2nd carrier. They do go on, but they cover the snaps (this could be a good thing) and it's a tight fit. Guaranteed they aren't meant for the Twingo.

Here they are on a Twingo (single carry).  Babies were asleep so Alyssa the cabage patch came to help.

We are definitely at the stage of needing drool pads. Both boys are chewing and drooling on everything. The minute they are out in a carrier they start chewing on the straps. The drool pads help keep the carrier dry (they are expensive!) and clean. It's much easier to throw the pads and bib in the wash instead of the entire carrier.

I highly recommend them if you have an Ergo 360.  I recommend the drool pads if you have other carriers as well.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood Party

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I got to host a Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood Party.  I was so excited.  I'm a music teacher so I'm very familiar with Peter and the Wolf.  I use it all the time to teach students the sounds of the different instruments and the instrument families.

We got together with friends and let the kids play and swim together.  They had a blast.  We tried out the app Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood narrated by Alice Cooper.  The kids enjoyed the new twist and modern story based on the original.  I like the section that shows each character and their instruments that represent them.  Personally, I would have preferred if they stuck to all of Prokofiev's Music rather than mostly new music created for it.  The only parts of the original used were to introduce the character.  It would have been more of a teaching tool, but can still used in a compare/contrast with the original story and music.

The kids enjoyed the story and it kept their attention.   We played pool games and had lots of ducks in the water just like the ducks in Peter and the wolf in Hollywood. 
Drum Stick Pretzels
Making "Drum Sticks"
We made lots of Yummy Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood Snacks!
Duck in the water Jello

The kids enjoyed all the swimming games.  Lots of little ducks in the water! 

One of our littlest Ducks!

We had our snacks and enjoyed the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app and story!

Check out the app for yourself
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